Our History


The Men’s Club of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Concordia, Missouri, in 1958, began planning for the construction of a facility to care for senior citizens.

The planning alone took over five long years. The meager beginning was just an “idea of sincere men” motivated by goodwill and good intentions. At the time, little did they know the magnitude of their dream. No funds were available to begin the project so the Men’s Club members, very early in their dream, passed the proverbial “collection plate” to obtain a little money for expenses incurred in order to generate more money to eventually turn their dream into a reality.


Construction began on the Lutheran Good Shepherd Home.

The citizens of the community and surrounding areas of Concordia became involved in assisting the Men’s Club in whatever manner was needed to ensure that the Lutheran Good Shepherd Home facility construction would take place.


Construction began on the Lutheran Nursing Home.


The first resident was admitted to the Lutheran Good Shepherd Home in April of 1964.

The Lutheran Nursing Home has had two additions to it since the original construction. These two facilities have provided care and services to over 2,300 individuals.


Good Shepherd Village I dedicated in May.


Good Shepherd Village II dedicated.

The entire complex sets on a 20-acre site in the northwest part of the city of Concordia.


Good Shepherd Care Community see its residents as family. We are a community within a community that truly cares about the health and well being of everyone we serve.